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Jewellery Valuations & Diamond Reports.

We Offer:

Diamond grading using Official International Master Stones.

Valuations and Insurance Assessment.

Jewellery & Gemstone Testing.

A fair, independent and impartial opinion.

Spectrometer Testing for Synthetic & Simulated diamonds.

Educational programmes or tuition courses by appointment.

Jewellery Valuations:

We offer a full jewellery valuation service here at our shop. In most cases, this can be done on the same day.

Prices are 1% of the total value. There are no extras or hidden fees. The valuation is professionally printed ready to give to your insurance company.

Gem World Diamond Certificates:

Gem World offer a range of certificates to suit every need from loose stones to mounted Jewellery Reports, even rough or carved gemstones. These are printed on security paper and laminated.

We support international conventions for standard diamond grading by using Official Master Stones graded by senior graders at Lazare Kaplan of New York and the Gemmological

Institute of America. This confirms the authority of the diamond grades set by our Laboratory, ensuring that the highest standards are the same all over the world.

Our experts use modern gemmological testing equipment including the latest De Beers Photo-Spectrometer which checks nitrogen levels in the atomic structure of diamonds. We also use microscopy and spectroscopy which analyse the light inside the gemstone.

Each gemstone is rigorously checked, tested and weighed according to the measuring conventions of the official World Federation of Diamond Bourses [WFDB].

Coloured Stone Report:

For non-diamond coloured gemstones, such as ruby, sapphire and emerald, alexandrite, topaz etc.

Coloured Diamond Report:

Using more advanced techniques to test the natural origin of the diamond, and give an opinion on the exact colour based on the grader's trade experience.

Gem Origin Report:

Usually used for coloured gems of all kinds where the country of origin can affect the value, this series of tests provides the evidence on the 'origin', which often forms a separate and useful addition to the Report on the gem.

Please contact us if you would like any of the above services.


Items can be brought in any time or can be posted to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery where upon receipt in the morning, a telephone call is made to confirm the packet has arrived safely. The chosen service is usually completed on the same day and the items posted back by Royal Mail Special Delivery for the next day delivery.

Please ask for any special services we can offer regarding all valuations.

The cost of a diamond report is £45.00 for stones up to a carat and £55.00 for over a carat. This does not include any postage costs that may be incurred in returning a stone that has been posted.


Any item that needs a price or valuation for SELLING PURPOSES is valued and a price offered free of charge except for the returning postage costs in the event of a price being declined.

Items sent to us for the express purpose of selling are treated in the same way as our other services in that a phone call is made on the items arrival and any values attached discussed confidentially.

Offers made and accepted can be made in cash, direct bank transfer or cheque.

Privacy Policy:

All valuations and other related services are done here and only here. All services are completely confidential and private.

Rest assured that your privacy is always valued and respected.